About Anindo Ghosh

Photography and Anindo Ghosh go back a long way, since his induction to the art in early childhood. What began as exposure to the art and craft of photography by his father, himself a photographer of note, has matured both technically and creatively with over a quarter century of experience in the field. Anindo's gallery debut was through a solo exhibition in Mumbai, in January 2007. Other exhibitions across different cities, in different genres, have followed. An exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery of Mumbai, India's most prestigious and exclusive venue for art exhibitions, is scheduled for June 2012. The common thread in Anindo's images: An attempt to highlight how people often look, but do not see. Every image engages the viewer, revealing interesting and obscure detail at each viewing. The leit-motif across all his images is, “Look Again”. His images show the world from unusual angles or unique viewpoints – ensuring that the viewer sees that which has not been seen, or not been noticed, before. This leads naturally into the theme of Anindo's 2012 exhibition series, “Urban Fragments”: Fine art images expressing his distinctive style and vision, of glimpses every city dweller has seen at some time, but perhaps not noticed. Fragments of urban life not so abstract as to be unrecognizable, yet leaving enough out for the viewer to fill in the blanks. Anindo has worked professionally in nearly every genre of photography, but his passion and special skills are in the highly challenging areas of night photography and location work. Besides exhibitions, Anindo's professional engagements include location photography for corporate clients, private collectors, magazines and publications. He also teaches formal photography courses at institutes in Mumbai. He enjoys working with amateur photographers in every city he shoots in, and sees this as an opportunity to share knowledge, and to absorb fresh creative viewpoints.  
Contact: Anindo Ghosh is based in Mumbai, India but travels all across India continually. You can email him at Photography@AnindoGhosh.com, or call his mobile, +91 9820642494.